Thursday, December 24, 2009

Florence | Fronting today

The New York Times Co.'s TimesDaily
  • Florence, Ala.
  • Publisher: Darrell Sandlin
  • Executive Editor: Wayne Mitchell
  • Circulation: 32,379 daily; 35,177 on Sunday
  • Contact us list
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[Image: Newseum]


  1. NYT no longer owns The TimesDaily. It was sold to the owners of the nearby Decatur Daily in the spring of 2009.

  2. Thank you. I've been relying on the NYT Co.'s website for information about its newspaper holdings. Right now, that site is still showing The TimesDaily as one of its papers. Clearly, they haven't been keeping the site up to date.

  3. It's cool. These companies don't even know themselves. As a former Gannetter, I am a huge fan of your work and I'm glad to see you're back at it.


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