Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boston | Ex-pub Ainsley got $1.4 million exit deal; NYT adds no-disparage terms on Sulzberger, others

The Boston Business Journal's got the details on Steven Ainsley's early-retirement package following his resignation last fall as Boston Globe publisher. Here's today's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, with all the particulars.

Ainsley's exit deal includes non-disparagement orders applying to him and to senior New York Times Co. executives; these are boilerplate in such agreements, but noteworthy for a company built on free-speech rights. The terms: "Employee agrees not to in any way disparage the company or any other releasee, or make or solicit any comments, statements, or the like to the media or to others."

The document also says, "the following individuals will be advised that they are not to in any way disparage employee, or make or solicit any comments, statements, or the like to the media or to others that may be considered to be derogatory or detrimental to the good name or business reputation of employee: Janet Robinson, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr., Michael Golden, Scott Heekin-Canedy, Martin Nisenholtz, Kenneth A. Richieri and James Follo."

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[Image: today's Globe, Newseum]

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  1. Steve Ainsley's parting bonus should be returned. This guy is a moron who was unaware of how bad their situation was and pretended the industry wasn't crashing. I will send you emails now from him that document the scope of his negligence.


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