Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYT | Bloomingdale's said in new NYC section

Bergdorf Goodman, too, according to a new Advertising Age story that says the two retailers' plans for The Wall Street Journal's new New York City section illustrate the threat that metro expansion poses for The New York Times' hometown advertising base.

"Both traditionally spend far more in the Times than in the Journal,'' the trade publication says. "Bloomingdale's, for example, spent $17.9 million in the Times last year while devoting less than $1 million to the Journal, according to estimates from Kantar Media."

Ad Age notes that the NYT "has a solid base and probably a great many loyalists that won't be easy for the Journal to poach. But it also means the Times has something to lose, while the Journal is looking at tremendous opportunity."

[Image: Bloomie's iconic brown shopping bag]

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