Friday, December 11, 2009

In ongoing layoffs, what about non-editorial staff?

As The New York Times prepares to lay off several dozen in its newsroom, I'm reminded that many of the newspaper industry staff cuts made public are dominated by those involving editorial workers. That's often because those reporting layoffs are mostly newsroom employees -- the same group that tends to dominate readership of blogs like Romenesko and New York Times Co. Blog. But what about job cuts in advertising, production, finance and other departments? Surely some of those workers are getting the ax at the NYT, too.

Ditto for USA Today, which recently cut an identical number of newsroom jobs -- 26. When I've covered layoffs at Gannett's marquee title in the past, I rarely got reports of cuts outside the newsroom.

So, questions:
  • Did any staff reductions hit non-editorial workers at USAT?
  • And what about severance? The New York Post's Keith Kelly says that many of the NYT staffers getting buyouts left with two years of severance. What are the terms for those getting forcibly laid off?
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